Talking Head. Bard


Zyclon is an intelligent Undead. His body was destroyed in battle and the remnants were eaten by ghouls. Only his rotting head remains. Zyclon cannot effectively move on his own, only having control over his mouth and putrefied eyes. He can speak and knows with some detail the life and times of Amishad I, King of Sleangod, over a hundred years ago.
In life Zyclon was a bard. He had a great appreciation for art and beauty, all that is glorious. He sang in the highest courts in the kingdom and gained the praise of aristocrats. On that fateful day of adventuring, he and most of his party were killed by undead. He has sat in this dungeon ever since, singing songs to himself and shouting to scare away rats and other undead.
Zyclon’s voice is a little hollow now, with much of the finery of his voice gone. He can still inspire as a bard does but only to +1 on companion’s To Hit. He has no magical ability anymore but very much likes magic. His bite does 1 point of damage to anything that gets too close, especially rats. He seems to attract vermin. He needs no sustenance to exist but would appreciate company of intelligent, cultured folks.
He appears as a rotting human head. His skin is soft but dry and fragile, crawling with small maggots. His bloated eyes stare out, seeing up to 30’ in any environment. He misses the former glory of his own beauty and will wail in sadness at seeing his own reflection. Finding that the world has passed him by will also break his heart. Zyclon has 5 hit points, a 10 AC and a Con of 8.



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