Gnatasha (a.k.a. Gnash)

Flind (half-gnoll) Basher


Gnash is a “Tank”. Clad in Mammoth-ivory banded mail, which confers plus 2 to Strength and has movement similar to full plate mail. Proficient in the 2-handed great-sword and long bow, she delivers two attacks (Plus 2/5) per melee round. On her left hand, a Plus 1 Ring of Protection. Around her neck, on a leather cord, a wooden holy symbol of Ranlil, to honor the God who raised her from death after she suffocated in a sandpit during melee with an undead ant-lion in the Temple of the Insect Goddess.


Gnash was born in Hatyaid of a human mother, who gave her into the care of an acolyte of Atura shortly after her birth. She was taken to the Shrine of Atura in Selangod, where she was adopted by a couple of childless Flinds, Gnathan and Gnarla, who worked as Palace guards. Her adoptive parents brought her up to practice the family traditions — swordfighting, archery, and family honor. As a child, she loved to be told stories of fantasy and high adventure, and dreamed of becoming an adventurer when she grew up. By age 16, she was well-known for her combat skills and mature judgment, and was allowed to join the Palace Guard. She served in the Guard for three years before setting out with a small company of friends to seek adventure at age 19.

Gnash is the “strong, silent type”. Confident. Assertive. Keeps her own counsel. On the lawful side of neutral, and values justice. She protects the small and the weak. She cares little for luxury and comforts, and prefers hard rations to standard fare. She is meticulous concerning the care of her weapons. When the opportunity presents, she enjoys sparring with other well-proportioned, muscular female flinds.

S 18/91 (plus 2 Hit, plus3/5 Dam. 2000 WtAllow. 1-4 (1) Open Door. 35% bars)
D 15
C 14
I 15
W 12
C 9

Gnatasha (a.k.a. Gnash)

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