Starting the Campaign

Finding Work

Cast of characters, friends and companions:
Stony Dehone, Cleric of Mu
Rellim t’Tam, Assassin (Specialist)
Celestine, Bard of the Ocarina
Gresh, Ranger (of much puke)
Lythor, Magic User Extraordinaire
Gnatasha (Gnash), Basher type Fighter
Adrian Thelonious, Monk of Tortunia

Septibos 7: The party milled about Downtown Selangod to start their story. The friends likened themselves to armed explorers rather than adventurers, with the later warranting a negative connotation throughout Selangod. Adventuring is often tied to grave robbing and troublemaking, after all.

Explorers though they may be, Gnash pursued a guard duty job for the party. Sarrah, a Half-Orc textile and oddities merchant, hired the party to guard his caravan on a twenty-two day journey to the Kingdom of Davout, three hundred miles to the northwest. The party scored a whopping two hundred eighty gold-piece pay rate, half now, half in Davout. There is an advantage to being leveled, armed and armored in a place where such is uncommon.

The journey through the northern mountains for the most part was boring. The Gnolls who reside there deal with most dangers, protecting the trade routes between Davout and Selangod. The caravan routinely runs into Gnoll checkpoints, where the letter of the law is followed.

Along these lines, the caravan was stopped by a pack of Gnolls who were demanding payment. Sarrah argued and argued against this bogus tariff. Then, when enough of his personal guards had gathered around, Sarrah stabbed the head Gnoll with two daggers. A fight ensued, with the party participating in the defense of the caravan.

About half of the Gnolls were disabled by Lythor’s Sleep Spell. The guardsmen took care of these slumbering robbers. The rest of the party beat down the rest, slaying all of them with efficiency. A small sack of silver and gold coins was gained for their trouble.

The journey continued and several dull days passed. The weather grew colder but the thin valley they traveled through remained free of snow. Still, it differed greatly from Tropical Selangod.

The final encounter of the session once again involved the Gnolls. The party, which was leading the caravan, saw a pack of Gnolls arguing and cajoling among themselves. It seemed that there was some haunted threat living several yards off the road, and the Gnolls were too frightened to deal with it. The party, with every condescension given, marched into the woods to see what the problem was.

A thin thirty-foot tunnel sloped down at the base of a rocky hillside. No threat could be seen from the mouth of the cave, but old sacks and a few bones were spotted. Most of the party descended into the tunnel and dug through the ancient sacks of flour. Underneath was found a decayed human skull, one that apparently had life left to it. The skull spoke in empty tones, greeting the party and asking to be removed from the cave. This was enough to frighten away all of the Gnolls.

The skull’s name was Zyklon, and a hundred years ago he was a Bard. He claimed to have been killed by Gnolls way back when, and doesn’t know why he is “alive” now. He is eager to accompany the party, as he is desperate for conversation and cannot move of his own power. He knows no spells but apparently can still sing for inspiring effect. The party has put him at the back of the caravan, not quite sure what to make of him.



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